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In our e-commerce your data is only stored when you register or make a purchase, wherein your data is used for e-mail communications which we use to notify you of any news and discounts from Minas Cristais LLC.

Your email is also stored if you have registered for our newsletter, or signed up to download an e-book or catalog. The data is stored in our external email database used for e-mail communications which we use to notify you of any news and discounts from Minas Cristais LLC.


This is the data we collect. We tell you why we collect all this data and who we share it with. In addition, we clarify the purposes that will be intended for it (comply with legal obligations, meet your expectations and optimize our relationship). In the table below we bring a simplified version of your data that we manage and for what we do. Remember: in our policy you will be able to see much more precisely the purpose for which we use your data!


Personal data Storage period Legal basis

Registration data 5 (five) years after the end of the relationship Art. 12 and 34 of the consumer protection code

Other data While the relationship lasts and there is no request for erasure or revocation of consent Art. 9, item ii of the general law for the protection of personal data.


We may collect or you may provide us with your full name, company name, phone number, full address and whatsapp for your identification.

We do not request data such as tax id or social security number in any form on the website, this is only requested for commercial transactions that occur by e-commerce, in person or whatsapp for the sale of Minas Cristais SWX products. This data is stored in our specific commercial database.

We also collect, if necessary, some technical information from your device, such as the operating system version, its geolocation, installed applications, IP and logical port of origin, records of interactions with Minas Cristais, screens accessed, session ID and public data from your Facebook, in order to expand our relationship and comply with legal obligations, among other purposes.

We recommend that you review our policy which sets out in more detail the purposes for using the data we collect. We also use this data to inform you about our products and services, according to your profile. In addition, the data is also used for your protection, whether to comply with legal obligations and thus ensure your rights or even to prevent fraud.


In case of any doubt regarding the provisions of the policy, you may contact us by e-mail: or whatsapp: +55 31 3176-5634

For sensitive data, check our Privacy Policy for registration and payment in our website.

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