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All our products come from nature and are therefore unique. Keeping that in mind, we will try to keep our web page up to date so that our customers can view all available items. We provide accurate information about sizes and weights for you to choose your products of interest. If you need different pictures or more detailed information, we will gladly send them via email.


It is very easy to buy products from Minas Cristais.

Choose your products, then click the buy button.

After choosing all the products you want, click on the “Cart” at checkout.

Set shipping costs.

Confirm your shipping details and check if all the details are correct. In case any numbers or shipping data are missing, the return and reshipment will be charged to the customer. We are not responsible for incorrect information or missing data.

Choose the payment method and complete the purchase.

Your order will be packed and ready for postage.


Track Here.


All orders involving exchange or return must be communicated on this page with the subject EXCHANGE or RETURN and with the purchase data in the MESSAGE field.

The message must be sent within 48 hours after receiving the products.

Exchanges or returns not communicated or communicated after the deadline will not be made.

The return must be made with the same packaging and care that the product was sent. If the product is returned without the necessary care and arrives damaged, the exchange or return will not be carried out.

IMPORTANT: Refuse to receive the products in case of damaged packaging or product in disagreement with the order.

If you still receive the product, please contact us within 48 hours.

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